Introduction : this blog is a real adventure in life involving my sailor dog and I, and the sea!

Someone once said that it is the things that we did not do rather than the things we have done that we will regret most, towards the end!

This is a real life account of BooBee’s journey from a pound dog to a Sailor dog.  At the same time it is also my journey from being a corporate executive to a liveaboard sailor.

There are many parallels between our two journeys and interestingly enough both our journeys took place at the same time.

Past lives :

Pound dog : Wake up in a pen amidst the mayhem of a hundred dogs (each in their own pen) barking for no apparent reason.

Lunch is the next major event , but there will be a few more hours to kill before that. After lunch comes the major event of the day. She’ll be waiting for her turn to be led outside for a walk, on a leash. At least she’ll get to poo poo on some grass, and sniff around a bit.

After the walk, there will be another few more hours of waiting before dinner. Then it’s lights off. This life is no different from a prison life. Void of nearly all sensories. Hard to imagine how she coped with two and a half years of that before our path crossed.

Corporate guy: Rushed to work in the morning, sloughed through the day then coming home at the end of the day when the sun has gone down many hours before, “tired as a dog!”, just to get a bite to stave off the hunger pains and to rest a bit so that it can all be repeated the following day! 

Always yearning for a bit of an escape when there was time enough to have a perspective glimpse of what life had become!  The feeling of imprisonment was always inevitable.  Sad, miserable and most of the time, rather pointless! 

Like most others, I would put on a brave face and called it a career, a fulfillment of my life’s ambition while playing out my role as a bread winner and provider of a roof over the head!

Both, in a prison matrix of sort, one dreaming of doggie paradise, the other a paradise both at sea and by the seaside.

Both pound dog and the corporate guy are destined for an adventure at sea, living on a floating home together.

This blog is about our lives (Sailor dog and yours truly) on Micasa, our sailboat home. We are liveaboards. Neither one knows much about the sea before that, let along living in the sea, on a floating home and from time to time setting sail towards Islands and land reachable by sea.

If you do not have the time nor the opportunity to seek out your dreams, come and live our adventure through this blog.  It will be updated regularly with real life accounts both from our not too distant past, as well as the present . 

Do subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. This blog will be updated regularly with new stories.

Happy reading and do remember to live life in the present.


Published by Ben

Semi retired ex-corporate executive. Now a liveaboard on a sailboat with the Admiral and my sailor dog.

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