The Sailor Dog under the weather.

The Sailor Dog has been sick.  Very sick.

It started a few weeks back when she threw up in the middle of the night.  Some thing way out of normal.  In our panic over her well being we brought her to a 24 hours Vet Surgery.  Tests were ran and the results were less than ideal.  A fever suggesting an infection and her Creatinine enzyme usually associated with the health of her kidney function was way too high.  She was given an IV with medication and some medication to take home as well.  The following day and day after her condition did not improve followed by a visit to the Vet.  More medication and IV fluid.  A few nights later she again vomited followed by another trip to the Vet.  She was admitted to a veterinary hospital where she underwent more tests and was put on an IV drip for a whole week.

Bottom line, her kidney function has been diminished most likely due to an infection of sort and her toxin level was making her ill.  The full week of IV treatment did not really reduce her kidney enzyme level and accordingly this is not a good sign.  Mentally, I have been preparing myself for the worse.  For each day we have her, it is a blessing and we will do what we can to make her comfortable and happy.  We have visited her every day while she was in the Vet hospital and brought some boiled chicken for her.  She was not eating while in the hospital and the chicken (her favourite) that we brought for her was only partially eaten.  They have syringe fed her some canned canine diets to the order of around 25ml each day.  Not enough to keep body and soul together over the longer haul.

We brought her home after a full week at the hospital.  They wasn’t much more they could do at the hospital to make her condition any better.  She was visibly happy to be home but she was still rather ill.  Curled up and sleeping most of the time while at home, eating and drinking just a little despite having her favourite.  At the hospital,  we were given a bag full of tablets and pills to give to her along with IV drips which we will administer each day to ensure she gets her required fluid.

Some close friends have recommended some herbal supplement earlier and I had dismissed the thought after seeing the handful of medication she had to take each day.  However, when her condition was not improving and the amount of food and water that she was taking was clearly not of an adequate level, I grew despaired and started searching online for more information on the herbal supplement recommended for her earlier.  Yes they do make Reishi Mushroom (also known as Ling Zhi) supplement for dogs.  With that I got some Ling Zhi for her on the second day after she was back from the hospital.   That very evening, I gave her two capsules before bed.

The following morning, she was up and about.  Visibly more alert and she was looking for food (always a good sign).  She seemed almost normal with the exception that she was skin and bones after not having eaten much over the previous two weeks.  I can’t begin to tell you how relieved we were to see Sailor Dog that way after almost having to come to terms with the worse of news.

It has now almost been two weeks since Sailor Dog has been discharged from the hospital.  She still looks malnourished although much better than mere skin draped over her bones.  She is eating well and she is still taking most of the meds given to her by the Vet and she is still on the Reishi Mushroom supplement.  She still gets her IV in the morning which I nervously administer to her in the morning.  In my nervous state it would sometimes require 3 tries to get it right.  She would stand there and allow me to stab her with the big 18g needle.  Sometimes flinching when it hurts a bit too much.  She is our brave Sailor Dog.  I am thankfully getter a little better at it. 

Apart from her improved appetite and alertness, as mentioned too that she seems normal outwardly, one of the things that I have notice was the smell of her breath.  There was a particular smell coming from her breath while she was very ill.  That smell has become lesser and lesser.  I am quietly hopeful that her condition has and will continue to improve.  Only the upcoming review and blood test at the Vet will provide a fuller picture.

Sailor Dog is our child.  We feel for her discomfort and as loving parents we will do whatever we can to ensure her well-being.   It is heart breaking to see her in an unwell state.  We count each day she is with us a blessing now and we have reverted more to taking her for longer walks in parks and places of interest.  Even on an occasion or two I have brought her to her once floating home where she would rest comfortably in her favourite spot on the bed.

I pray that she will recover and that she will continue to be a big part of our small family for a long long time.   

Sailor Dog and Cap’n signing off for now.  Pray for Sailor Dog, please!

Published by Ben

Semi retired ex-corporate executive. Now a liveaboard on a sailboat with the Admiral and my sailor dog.

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